How to Design an Attractive Personalized Water Bottle Label

There are plenty of advantages to having your very own private label bottled water; it’s great for small business marketing and branding, it’s a good addition to special events, and it’s good for fundraising events (to name but a few places). While a lot attention is put on the reasons to do this yourself, there is less attention paid towards the actual design of the label! And yet it’s true: what’s on the bottle is going to be just as important as what’s in the bottle, which means you have to pay attention to your design.

So let’s set aside how wonderful custom labels are and the wonderful things you can do to the water itself and take a look at just how to make your custom label water pop out among the competition. Continue reading “How to Design an Attractive Personalized Water Bottle Label” »

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4 Benefits of Using Custom Bottled Water in Your Next Ad Campaign

Looking for a new way to advertise your products this year?

Maybe you’re tired of the usual offline or  online campaigns, maybe you can’t afford television–or maybe you want to be more creative and find a new way to make advertising beneficial for you and your customers… if you are, then think about the benefits of using custom bottled water.

Below are 4 main benefits you can receive: Continue reading “4 Benefits of Using Custom Bottled Water in Your Next Ad Campaign” »

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Five Benefits You Can Expect Using Custom Bottled Water

Custom bottled water is a great way to get your brand message out in the world. A wide variety of businesses can benefit from this form of marketing and it’s a good way to give value to your customers. But what can you expect to get back from your investment? After all, giving is fine and being creative is great, but what kind of results can you actually expect from your efforts? Below are five benefits that often result from a custom label bottled water campaign. Continue reading “Five Benefits You Can Expect Using Custom Bottled Water” »

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How Spas and Fitness Centers Can Benefit from Custom Label Bottled Water

Fitness centers and spas have been seeing an upswing in attendance over the last several years, with people actively seeking to lose weight, look better, and unwind after stressful days. And one of the hallmarks of these places is to make sure there are plenty of refreshments for people to drink before, during and after all of their sessions. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that spas and fitness centers can benefit greatly from providing their own line of custom label bottled water! There are many advantages to this service for both the business and the customers, so if you own or are thinking of owning a fitness center or spa, read on to learn why you should be adding private label water to your offerings. Continue reading “How Spas and Fitness Centers Can Benefit from Custom Label Bottled Water” »

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The Importance of Hydration for Active Kids

In the summer, it’s particularly important to ensure that active kids stay properly hydrated, but this can be the case year round. Children in particular often forget that they have to drink fluids regularly because they are usually so busy doing other things! This means it falls to parents to make sure that their kids stay hydrated and healthy as much as possible. Continue reading “The Importance of Hydration for Active Kids” »

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